22 Weeks

22 Weeks

A 6 x 1hr series created by Fiona Westwell & Morgan Healy

In a non-descript abortion clinic in outer Brisbane – five people sit in the waiting room, all having decided to terminate their pregnancies on this same day. But when a pro-life activist bursts into the clinic hell-bent on killing all inside, they’re thrust into an unimaginable ordeal, while coping with an already grueling decision.


22 Weeks is a 6 x 1 hour limited drama series inspired by the true events of July 16th, 2001 when Peter James Knight stormed the East Melbourne Fertility Control Clinic intent on killing all inside. Our story is informed by true harrowing events; however, the real subject of 22 Weeks are the five diverse people who coincidentally find themselves at the same clinic on that same fateful day.

Through a layered, non-linear story structure, 22 Weeks tells six very different stories, in the days, weeks and months leading up to the siege, during the event itself and afterwards, at the gunman’s trial. The series examines relationships with partners, families and friends, and the myriad of viewpoints society has on the topic of abortion, as well as the ugly mind of the shooter.

Each episode will focus on one central character, whose life intersects with the others in sometimes meaningful yet often fleeting ways, before meeting in the clinic in the most extreme circumstances. Woven throughout the series is the preparation and execution of the gunman’s disturbing plot to attack the clinic and through to his subsequent trial – continuing to torment our protagonists even after the siege has ended.

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