The Virus

The Virus

A 10 x 30min Comedy/Drama created by Abigael Whittaker and Morgan Healy

Mullumbimby wellness influencer Anna-Lisa Jones must reengage with her community, accept reality and learn she can’t selfie her way to success after the Anonymous hacker group releases an online virus which destroys every computing devices on earth in an April Fools prank gone right.


At midnight GMT on April 1st 2022, hackers from Anonymous’ Tactical Division released Armageddon™, a computer virus which once inside devices set parameters to run at 1,000,000%, thereby frying everything it touched. It spread through social media messaging platforms, and so within 45 minutes it had fryed over 95% of computers, phones, tablets and internet fridges around the world. It took another day and a half to reach the final 5% of computers, thereby giving the lie to those who said they “never used social media.”

This global meltdown of every computing powered system created the seeds of a reversion to a pre-internet era, back to landline phones and faxes, radios and analogue TVs, books and stick shift transmission! The world is sucked back to standard definition in the most confronting way for minor influencer and protagonist Anna-Lisa Rose Depp Butterfly Excelsior Jones, resident of Byron Bay hinterland township Mullumbimby.

The Virus is a show about our obsession with devices and dependence on technology and the utter hole that would be punched in our existence should that be ripped away from us. How do we function without instant information? How do we relate without the aid of a screen? How do the bonds that binds us deal with the breakdown of this modern technological world. Part comedy and part drama, a dramedy if you will, we follow Anna-Lisa as the stunned and uber connected residents of the Byron Shire come to terms with the new world order, how they now relate to each other and their lack of place in it.

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