2018 // DRAMA // 24’32”
An Uber driver/ex-journalist picks up a fare from Brisbane to the Gold Coast on the night he has an important date. When it turns out his fare is the man responsible for making him redundant he has a choice to keep his ratings and compromised self-worth, or realise that being true to yourself is hard.

RiDER Trailer – Screener at end

David Soncin, Alastair Osment, Emily Gruhl, Javier Perez, Kome Fidow and Harrison Edwards
Written and Directed by Morgan Healy
Story by Morgan Healy, Anthony Mullins, Elizabeth Simard
Based on the novel Rickshaw Boy by Lao She
Produced by Elizabeth Simard
Director of Photography Mark Broadbent
Production Designer Tori Toms
Editor Steve Cooper
Colourist Kali Bateman
Sound Designer Damon Sheridan
Visual Effects by Gabriel Adams Gardner
Music by Michael Drew
International Premiere: Beijing International Film Festival
Australian Premiere: Brisbane International Film Festival
Rider Screener