on the move

On The Move
2018 // DRAMA // 3 CHAPTER FEATURE FILM // 1’15’43”
A poor taxi driver offered a chance for a better financial future must weigh up the cost of walking away from what he most values.
In a world first omnibus collaboration between China, Korea and Australia comes the adaptation of the Chinese Classic Rickshaw Boy by Lao She. Set over three cities, across three countries, each thirty minute chapter tells the story of one man’s struggle for survival amidst the age of disruptive technology and explores the intimate relationship that come to exist between man and machine, and the evolution of that relationship.

David Soncin, Alastair Osment, Emily Gruhl, Kome Fidow, Javier Perez & Harrison Edwards; Ko Myung ­Woo, Kwon Su­ Jin, Kang Hea­ Eun, Jang Keun­ & Im Yoon ­Bee; Jing Long, Li Yue, Wang Yan, Wu Yi, Zhang Dabing, Guo Jun, Tong Bo, Liu Shengrui & Xu Ao
Directed by Morgan Healy, Won Min­-Woo & Qi Tianyang
Written by Morgan Healy, Jueng Ji­-Young, Han Jay & Qi Tianyang
Cinematography by Mark Broadbent, Kim Won­-Mo, Park Kyu­-Ri, Teng Fei
Edited by Steve Cooper, Won Min­-Woo & Qi Tianyang
Produced by Elizabeth Simard, Park Soo­Jin & Zhang Huijun
Based on the book Rickshaw Boy by Lao She
2018 Beijing International Film Festival
Brisbane International Film Festival 2018